Your Book Can Feel Like Your Child

It can be difficult to be critical of the fruits of your creative labor. It’s even more difficult when you’ve been looking so closely at the work that you’re going cross-eyed, and you won’t have any epiphanies with double vision. Stop being a helicopter parent and send your novel off to its first day of school.
Okay, just kidding. Maybe I took that analogy too far. I’m not a teacher, a nanny, or a glorified babysitter, but I do have the skills and the unbiased eye to provide you with insightful and constructive feedback.

Elevating Fiction Writing

Each writer has strengths and weaknesses, but anyone can benefit from either my inherent gifts with sentence structure and proofreading or the countless hours I've spent training and workshopping to develop my knowledge of storytelling techniques.

What is it that your story needs?
  • Smoother grammar and punctuation?
  • Characters that are more fleshed out?
  • Identification and correction of plot holes?
  • More realistic scenes?
  • More engaging prose?

Fiction Editor in Las Vegas

I help authors in Las Vegas, and anywhere really, take their works of fiction to the next level. Whether you need a high-level critique of character, story, and scene or you need someone to look at the nitty gritty such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation, I’m your girl.

How Much Does an Editor Like Me Cost?

Well, I can’t really say much for other editors. For me, it depends on the service you choose.

Let's talk first, though, to see if we're a good fit for each other.

Developmental Editing

This includes feedback with regard to character, story arc, fact or lore checking, and other literary or thematic elements impacting the construction of the novel. Editing is performed using the Microsoft Word comments feature.

For example, I may say:

“Lucy is a very patient woman. This action seems out of character for her unless you can provide further justification.”


“This scene relies heavily on visual elements and doesn’t feel fully imagined. It could use more olfactory or audio description to invoke more of the senses.”

Note: The author is, of course, at liberty to ignore any of the suggestions I provide. However, this service is most effective for writers who want to be challenged and enjoy constructive criticism.

Interested in Working With Me?

Or just have questions? Drop me a line and let's chat.

Proofreading & Line Editing

This includes the editing of grammar, spelling, and punctuation according to the Chicago Manual of Style. Editing is performed using Microsoft Word tracking changes and the comments feature.

Yes, I do use Oxford commas.

For example, I may insert a colon or conjunction if a sentence contains a comma splice. Other issues hindering the readability of the novel will also be addressed, including:
  • Major repetition
  • Errors in word choice or connotation
  • Redundant phrasing
If you're worried about me editing out all of your "artistic license" or stylistic language, don't. Most of the time, I'll only point out stylistics if they're distracting from the story. Plus, you get to approve or disregard any changes I make.

For as long as I’ve been writing, I’ve never considered using another editor. As a one-woman writing workshop who keeps fiction realistic, only Amanda has truly advanced my work. I count on her to help me guard against my own lazy habits.

Jess Askew

We get compliments regularly from readers on how good our editor is to deliver such error-free manuscripts. We appreciate Amanda’s ability to turn around projects quickly and with an eagle eye for typos, misspellings, and punctuation errors.

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